Sunday, November 23, 2008

A totally "what just happened?" moment

On a PAT after a TD that put the game away, Channing Crowder was matched up against that turd Matt Light.  Now Light, as I've described in the past, is the epitomy of "over rated"...   He gets beaten often but everyone assumes he's great because he protects Brady's (and now Cassell's) blind side and they rarely get sacked.  Maybe that has to do with quick release, but I digress.
Light is blocking and gets ahold of the back of Crowder's helmet and pulls it off.  Crowder stands up and Light makes a move at him.  Crowder extends his arms in a self-defense type posture  Then, Light pulls Crowder's hair and takes at least 4 closed-fist swings.  Crowder laughs it off, which natirally makes me assume that he may have said something to Light (like "my mom knows football, and yours knows lacrosse"), we have no idea.
The net result was that both got ejected from the game.  And likely both will be fined, and there's a possibility of suspension.  But, I didn't see anything Crowder did to warrant ejection, or further action.  Light, on the other hand, should be fined and suspended for the remainder of the season.  Whatever might have been *said* was irrelevant.  The guy acted grossly unsportsmanlike and he should not be playing football as a result.
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