Sunday, November 23, 2008

That's obnoxious

ESPN's headquarters is in Bristol, Connecticut, somewhat near Foxborough.  Many of the staffers of the NESP (new england sports programming) visit the Pats facility, and naturally there's some bias.  Particularly when the Pats were in pursuit of perfection last year.
As a case in point, did you hear the same breathless hype as the Titans made it to 10-0?  Nope, they mainly talked about how tough it would be to win.
CBS opened some sort of a sports-themed-interactive zone next to the stadium the Pats play in.  Hey whatever, but it sure seems to me like the network is overly nice to the Pats when the cover them, and only laud good play, and lament losses.  "but they've been so good for so long..." they gush. 
Its enough to make me want to hurl.  I do not enjoy Dan Dierdorf's commentary as he praises the team up and down...
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