Monday, November 03, 2008

That final drive

Miami got the ball back on their own 20, leading 19-17 with 11 minutes left. Their offense had been somewhat inconsistent, and really had not put together a sustained drive in the game.

But now it was time, with the crowd roaring....Miami staged a TD drive that saw them chew 8 minutes off the clock. There was a 3rd and about 16 that they didn't convert, barely, forcing them to go on 4th and 1, and then they converted their first 3rd and 10 or longer of the season with a completion to Ricky on 3rd and 18.

In this case, with first and goal at the 1 with about 3 minutes to go, I did not advocate running down additional time by taking a knee. There was too much time left, Denver still had its timeouts, and a TD made it insurmoutable.

I give Miami so much credit. They put it on their offense to win it. And they did.
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