Monday, November 03, 2008

special teams

Dan and Greg made it seem like it was some great kick return by the Broncos that gave them the ball at the to setup their first TD the one that closed it to 13-7.
But, I'm here to tell you that it was NOT a breakdown by Miami, nor was it a great return.
There wre FOUR illegal blocks in the back that sprung the returner.  Any of the first three of which could have brought it back, and the fourth would have pushed them back to the 20.
1. As the ball is taken to the left, a player gets knocked into a goup by the back.  Not the mst aggresive foul, but it is a foul.
2.  As the returner makes the cutback, someone is out of position and blocks from the back
3. As he finds the corner, a player is going for the tackle, and a Bronco catches him sqaure on the numbers on the back.  This was the one I was screaming for them to call.
And 4.  As he makes his way down the sideline, Carpenter gets pushed.  Look.  The lineman has his hands extended into his back.  And he pushes him a second time a moment later.
So it was clearly a situation that shouldn't have happened had the refs done their job.
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