Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Should we be surprised?

The NFL has not ruled on the POS Matt Light's 4-year old behavior (hair pulling, and hitting; maybe he called Crowder names, too?), and by default Crowder's ejection from the game.  And they don't plan to do so anytime soon.  They still haven't gotten around to it.
Cue detective show music.
I liked what Brian at the PhinPhanatic had to say about it...the Patriots are the NFL "darling" and Goodell was slow in responding to the biggest charge against the Patriots (spygate, naturally), tried to sweep it under the rug, and then ultimately did, well, nothing about it other than to say "hey....whatever it was you were doing, please try not to do it again....if that suits you."
The Pats play the Steelers this week in a game that has some significance.  They couldn't possibly do the right thing quickly and suspend Light for the remainder of the season, because it might make the game less....fair to the Patriots?
Way to go Rog!  You are low on my list of people I admire and who work with integrity.  You just managed to remind me of that AGAIN.
BTW, how's that labor deal coming along?  Oh yeah, I forgot, you haven't even sat down to discuss it.
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