Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday evening

After a short break, we headed over to the training facility.  We got a "photo op" with a couple of cheerleaders (I'm waiting for someone to send the pictures!), and Big Papa showed up sporting a look that rocked:
The locker room is always the place to be.  They even left it "lived in" for us.  Check out the dominos and the Krispy Kream box.
As you walk around, you realize just how many players there are on the team, and how the practice squad players turnover faster than you might think.  There were at least a couple of names that I didn't recognize.
Sparano really does use motivational tactics.  Check out this sign:
I'm always amazed by how many shoes each player has...and that reminds me - when JT got to the Redskins, he had in tow a few of his orange practice shoes from the Fins.  He had to be at practice something like the next day after being traded, and he naturally didn't have red shoes; heck he hadn't even ordered them!  The players made a lot of fun of him...
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