Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reality check

It felt good to be 6-4, and be relevant, didn't it?  To feel the passion at this point in the season.  To actually be emotional - rather than apathetic - when the team lost. 
Yeah, it was the Pats, and it was painful.  But, remember, first that Miami hung in this game for 3 1/2 quarters (or 7/8ths of the game), before something bad happened. 
And second, this was a freakin' 1-15 team last year!  We had limited expectations heading into this season.  I think most people thought a 6 win season would be reasonable.  Anything better than that would be, well, fantastic.  And here they sit with 6 wins with 5 left to play.  Three of those are "easy" based on the nature of those teams.

Realistically, Miami could find themselves at 9-7 or better, but just miss the playoffs.  That would be a great season...
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