Monday, November 03, 2008

Mid - season report card

Who would have thought at the midway point we'd say Miami was 4-4 in playoff contention?

Not me. But, they are.

I like what I've seen from them at this point.

Here's a look back-
Best game: The win at New England was sweet.

Worst game: In Arizona, Miami gave up and was outplayed a week after the New England set.

Mid-season MVP: Give it up for Joey Porter and his 11 1/2 sacks.

Top offensive player: I think Greg Camarillo deserves it, since he's been the most consistent offensive weapon. But we tip or hat to Ronnie Brown for his outstanding play.

Top defensive player not named Joey Porter: this is a little more challenging because on the whole the defense has played well. But, given that Jason Ferguson's absence cost them against the Texans, and overall his play against the Broncos and others helped clog the lanes for running, I will give the nod to him.

Magician's award for making $6 million disappear: that goes to Ernest Willford, who at this point probably wouldn't recognize the field if he saw it. He's been inactive for 7 of the 8 weeks.

Top rookie: There are a couple making impressions. I like how Jake Long is progressing, and he gets serious consideration. And kicker Dan Carpenter also gets a vote. But, I have to say that all-in-all I am most impressed with Kendall Langford and his ability to step in at defensive end and play it very quietly, but well.

Biggest disappointment: That we didn't beat the Jets or Houston when we had the chance.

Funniest moment: Oh I think the Joey Porter - shutout receiver in Denver war of the words is pretty amusing.

Mid-season wanker: I would have to say its Willford. The guy hasn't even been active for 7 weeks of the season.

My prediction on the year: I said they'd win 6, if I'm not mistaken. I may have been wrong. In a good way.
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