Saturday, November 29, 2008

Maybe he's unclear on what his responsibilities actually are?

Given the fact that the Patriots always play to the whistle and - as Ayodele says - beyond it, and their propensity for cheating, you would think the dumbass commish would take a harder look at the team and enforce the rules more vigorously.
But no.  Instead, he handed down additional fines to Miami players this week based on the Patriots game.  Smiley got a $5,000 fine for a chop block, that if memory serves, wasn't flagged during the game.
And the kicker was a $7,500 fine to Joey Porter for "being verbally abusive with an opponent."  What does that mean, exactly?  He called the them the Cheatriots?  He called out someone's grandmother?  He told them they suck?  This is football and talking is a part of the game, and trash talking is a part of Joey's game.   He didn't hurt anyone (except maybe their feelings!) and he was in the moment of the game.
Are you telling me that none of the Patriots players bear responsibility in what happened down the stretch?  Puh-lease.
This is absurd, and it just shows how "in the pocket" the commish is when it comes to this team.  He didn't have any guts when it came to spygate, and now he shows no integrity in his actions here.
Pats supporters may say its just "sour grapes" but I believe you'd find that fans of every team - and even some players - will tell you that this is the appearance when it comes to that team.
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