Monday, November 24, 2008

Lack of focus

Yesterday's game was odd for many reasons, but at least one of them was a lack of focus in the last 7 minutes.  The team must have all taken stupid pills or something, because there was no reason for them to implode like that.  A number of things happened, but they lost their composure, and later several players apologized for it.
But what galls me is that the coaching staff didn't do enough to counter it. 
Take the Joey Porter moment.  Joey had just gotten called for back-to-back fouls, and Sparano and Pasqualoni were yelling at him to get off the field.  Quite clearly, they were mouthing "Joey - get off the field" but he didn't listen.

And while Joey may be the guy who's the emotional leader of the team, and he's got a chance at the all-time sack record, he needs to be punished.  It would be a tough call, but I'd like to see Sparano suspend him for a game to send a clear message about who's in charge.  There are other penalties he could impose, but you can't let him get away with that.
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