Sunday, November 23, 2008

Key play

I would argue that the turning point in this game was the long pass to Welker.  It set the Pats up to extend the lead, and pretty much took Miami out of the game.  But what bugged me was the block he got that sprung him.
It was clear that the receiver was grabbing a handful of db Nathan Jones' jersey, so much so that he actually pulled it back to reveal his shoulder pads.  And yet there was no flag.  He engaged Jones at about the 40, so technically, the call should have been a 10 yard penalty from that spot.  New England might have had a first down, but the ball would be all the way back at the 30.
And meanwhile Dan the apologist Dierdorf (more on that later) was lauding it as a great block! the way, he also was trying to describe a defensive pass interference call against Miami on a TD by Moss.  He was saying that the db got his arm around Moss.  But, it was clear to me that Moss had a hold of the db and then pushed off to get separation.
The refs got that one wrong, too...
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