Friday, November 14, 2008

Jets - Pats clash

I'm not really a fan of either of these teams.  Generally, I would be okay if the score was 2-0 on a whacky over the head snap on the game's final play.
But, sometimes I actually watch these games, because you like to see the teams beat up on each other.  And this year, on principle I was rooting against the Pats (not FOR the Jets).
...naturally because I don't have the NFL Network, I couldn't watch this game.  But did I see Cassell threw the ball 51 times for 400 yards?  WTF?
Son instead I watched THE U beat Va Tech last night.  Now there's a game I can actually enjoy watching.
But my point was....did I have a point?
Oh yeah, its that the game was on the NFL Network.  This is silly, and I heard Joe Rose yesterday saying something like 'can you imagine being CBS, and being told, yeah we know you paid a billion for the rights to the games, but you can't have the Jets-Pats. Sorry.'
Now as far as the telecasts go, this weekend is a CBS doubleheader.  I read that we'll see the Dolphins at 1, and get the Titans game at 4.  I'm skeptical because on home weekends, there usually isn't a doubleheader shown, and I thought there was a rule about that...  And Fox can't show a 1pm game in the market, but will show us the Seahawks-Cards game at 4.  Yipee.
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