Monday, November 24, 2008


In his Monday morning press conference Sparano was asked why the officials talked with him at the beginning of the 4th quarter.  He said, and I quote, "It was about the gippyness."
I admit I did not know what that word meant, or even that it existed.  So, I checked out the Urban Dictionary:
1. gippy
Something is shitty, crappy, dumb, ignorant, most skaters, snowboarders, punk kids, metal kids from Northern Michigan use this term when aggravated pissed off or just being negitorial towards something.
"My computer is being really gippy"
2. Gippy
originally used to describe those preps that acted metal to fit in. Usually acted very differently when not around Goth friends. Now was evolved into the poser scum of society.If some one is posing as two or more stereotypes they are Gippy. also see all in the Poser section and all related to posers
example 1
Paul- "Look at that girl over there looks like Hot Topic an American Eagle had a kid and that kid shit itself"

Josh- "yeah what a total gippy"

Paul- "I HATE gippies"

example 2
*inside a Ruby Tuesdays*

Renee`- "this place is too bright it could use more BLACK"

Josh- "shut up you gippy whore! you just bought $200 in Holister goods"
3. gippy
a gay hippie; a relaxed yet stylish homosexual who favors patchouli, smoking herb, and long baths and has ideals of peace, love, compassion and human fellowship.
also, gippie.
the gippy sat on the hillside, the teeming masses milling below, watched the world while enjoying a toke.
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