Monday, November 03, 2008

Dolphins win #4!!!!

Although this was the 4th win of the season, I would argue that this team is more than 4 times better than last year's 1-win season.  This team, which for all intents and purposes (considering the roster turnover), is an expansion team is pretty darn good.  Sure, they've had a few bad games, and a couple they *should* hvae won.
But beating the Broncos in Denver?  And basically dominating them was really something.
Make no mistake.  They dominated.  The defense took control of the game, and the offense held the lead, and Miami never looked back.
And consider that the Phins only allowed 14 yards rushing.  That's not a typo.  Just 14.  Denver is one of those teams that always has a 100 yard rusher.  Heck, you could have me in at tailback, and I'd get close to 100, because of the"system"....but Miami shut it down.
And as you might expect, 14 is Miami's best defensive performance against the run.  Ever.  The previous bext was 16 way back in 1966.
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