Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Controversial call

The refs blew the call at the end of the San Diego - Pittsburgh clash.  Maybe the snow affected their vision.
Anyway, I thought about calling them wankers, but realized it wouldn't matter because the outcome didn't change.
Here's the ruling as I interpreted it.
Rivers passed to Tomlinson.  That was legal, and Tomlinson took a few steps forward then tossed the ball behind his back to Chambers.  On the replay - waaaay slowed down - it was clear that Tomlinson actually threw the ball about a half yard forward.  That would be an illegal foward pass, but it should not have caused a stoppage.  Rather the play should have continued, and at its conclusion, the officials should have penalized the Chargers 5 yards for an illegal forward pass.
Now the play went on, and Chambers attempted to lateral it to someone else, only to have Polamalu knock it down.  The play was still alive, so Polamalu should have been awarded the score. And because of the penalty, Pittsburgh should have been offered the choice of a penalty or the play result (the TD).
The fact that the ball hit the ground after Chambers tried to lateral was irrelevant.  That was a legal behind the back throw that would not have stopped the play.
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