Friday, November 21, 2008


I watched UM get pummeled by Ga Tech last night.  It was an incredible game plan by the Ramblin Wreck to dominate the run game.  They ran a play they called the "triple threat" and pounded Miami for almost 475 yards rushing.
And come to think of it that makes Huggy Bear's 299 yards last season against the Dolphins seem like a small amount doesn't it?
Okay, so the triple threat is not so different from the Wildcat in many aspects.  You have the QB lined up under center and he's a threat to run.  You have two running backs lined on either side of the line, almost like u-backs, and then you have one running back behind the QB.
The o-line is in a standard formation, but runs all kinds of different schemes - straight up blocks, traps, motion, reverse-motion - which is designed to overpower and confuse the defensive line, and then to attack the linebackers as the play progresses. 
It also relies on the running backs to confound the linebackers by all of them moving in different directions!  It was a helluva thing to watch, I tell you.  And I have no doubt we'll see more teams using it...
On the particular play, we're setting the setup for the long TD that made it 17-3.  The running back circled in red gets the ball, but there is so much happening that no one can react.  And the QB really sells the fake pitch to the running back at the top, so the linebackers react to it.
Perfect execution, and an easy TD.  All the back had to do was run past a corner.
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