Sunday, October 19, 2008


Heading out of last week, you had to wonder how the Dolphins would respond.  Would they be motivated to go out and dominate?  Or would it be the start of a crash.  Surely, its too early to tell if this is the start of a crash.  But, they didn't go out and dominate.
Chad Pennington was pretty mediocre.  Ted Ginn actually sort of played today.  Davone Bess caught a TD pass.  But Brown and Williams were held in check.  I think Williams led the team with 16 yards rushing.  And the wildcat?  More like the pussycat.  It did nothing on the day.  I think the #1 defense in the NFL was effective against it.
Got any new wrinkles, Mr. Henning?  I guess not.  Well, they did try using Pennington as the receiver of the snap, and ran Brown in Williams' slot.  But that wasn't so effective, since Pennington was playing in position.  When he was out of position, he was driven out of bounds.
Some people said that Miami was still in contention after last week. After all, the lost wasn't that bad.  I would say they were in contention today for a top 5 draft pick.  Or is it too early to start talking about the players that will be available then?
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