Monday, October 27, 2008


I admit I haven't watched the entire game yet, but my general sense is that they ran the Wildcat at least a dozen times in this game.

This time, the downfield threat certainly helped, but there were a couple of new wrinkles...

Miami used the unbalanced line to the left side of the formation for the first time, and had Mathis or Ndukwe pull as the guard. (In the past, its always been to the right, with Smiley pulling)

They used the standard formation, and had Ronnie counter - so while the motion all went to the right, Ronnie took the snap and cut left. This allowed them to box up all the defenders who expected a run to the right.

Ricky took the direct snap and had several decent gains on the day.

It was certainly enough to keep the Bills off-balance.
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