Monday, October 06, 2008

Where are the fans?

Okay, I've got to figure that with all the rain at least some of the fans stayed home just to avoid the rain. But, there sure do appear to be a lot of empty seats, don't there?

I know H Wayne is trying to build a better product, and I respect that. And I know going 1-15 and starting a little slow didn't help get this year's ticket sales moving. So, he did something interesting last week - he got an extension on the NFL's (very dumb and antiquated) blackout rule, and then made sure the tickets were sold.

There's a breakeven point somewhere between the loss of seat sales, and the loss of TV revenue locally, and it is at x number of seats. And I suppose he wanted to be sure to let fans see the product so next time he can try and sell it out...

Will it work? In this sagging economy? Who knows. But, he'll have to be cautious, because unlike other cities where all seats are already sold, here higher ticket prices will scare some people away. And as the commish said (to paraphrase) 'this league is not recession proof'

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