Monday, October 20, 2008

Th egame changing play

Miami had a 3rd and 5 from their own 45 with about 9 minutes to play to halftime.  It was 3-3, and Miami was playing well enough at this point.
Its a play that called for various crossing routes to try and find seams in the zone.  Cobbs is the one in green, while Suggs is in red in the first picture.
In the second, you can see that Pennington is under durress and he's looking for Cobbs. But, there's a defender in front of him, and just out of the picture - owing to his drop - is Suggs.  Chad, you're being sacked.  Don't throw the ball.
Turn to picture #3.  Pennington is being taken down, and now Suggs has "jumped the route"...he knows Pennington is going to throw it toward Cobbs, and its all his.  Did Pennington not see him?  Possibly, because he was deeper and was out of view in pic #2.  But this is the NFL.  You should never, ever, throw a floater out like that.
Pick 6, and the game was over.
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