Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rule note

 On the play noted above where Miami punted from their own 38, Jason Allen ran to the sidelines, and was right at the sidelines, and the ball hit him.  The officials ruled the ball was downed at the 2, and was Buffalo's ball.
The Bills challenged the ruling on the field, and that was totally understandable.  Looking at the replay, it appeared that Allen had stepped just out before the ball hit him. 
But, on the replay, it was clear that the ball had bounced at an angle, and went out of bounds (using 3 dimensional rules) at about the spot where it touched Allen's leg.  In other words, it hit him after it was legally out, and he was inconsequential to the result.
If it had been touched by Allen, what would have been the outcome?  We contend that it would have been an illegal touch, and the ball would have gone over to the Bills at the spot of the touch, and there would have been a 10 yard penalty.  So, they would have lined up at the 12 instead of the 2.  Would that have been worth the challenge?
Does anyone else have any insights into what the Bills thought they could gain?  It would not have been a do-over, that I can tell you for sure...
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