Monday, October 06, 2008

Offensive playcalling - part 2

In addition to the mostly effective wildcat, the Dolphins also had success running from a single back formation, using a tight end as a blocker who was charged with clearing the right side of the defense.

Justin Smiley pulls from his left guard spot, and winds up essentially doing some "trap blocking" in the hole between Ndukwe and Satele (that is, they block in different directions, and Smiley hits the hole, and takes on Sateles man and Satele moves to help with the other guy who is already being blocked by Ndukwe).

Meanwhile, Martin drives into the linebacker. And Brown should be able to get in the hole that Smiley created and turn it outside for a big gain.

It mostly works, except that he gets tripped in the backfield and *only* gains 9 yards.
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