Monday, October 06, 2008

Offensive playcalling - part 1

With my respects to CBS, The NFL, and the Dolphins...

The Dolphins must have noticed on game films that the Chargers have trouble covering the tight ends. Heck, I noticed it in a couple of the games I saw. What was remarkable was that the playcall required a tight end (Martin) to clear underneath while Fasano went deeper, effectively finding a spot in the zone coverage where no one was standing.

This is one example, but it happened at least a half dozen times in the game.

Also, right after this play, they went to the wildcat; but it didn't work too well, partly because the fake was to Bess and it was poorly executed, and partly because there was a linebacker who was unblocked.

But they ran it again on the *next* play and it gained 10 yards.

That's effective playcalling, because they had the Chargers "on their heels" and trying to react.
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