Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A look back...

That goal line stand was amazing.  Let's look back at how it played out. 
With about 3 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, San Diego scored to close to 17-10.  They kicked off to Miami, and Davone Bess fields the ball at about the 6.  He gets out to the 21 where he gets hit and fumbles the ball back to the Chargers...
We're thinking uh-oh, this is not going to be good...its a short field, and momentum appears to have shifted.
On first and 10 from the 25, Rivers drops back to pass, and Holliday and Porter swallow him up for an 8 yard loss.  It was beautiful execution by the defense that allowed two players to converge on RIvers.
On second and 18 from the 33, Rivers gets a screen out to Sproles, and he takes it to the 10.
Now starts the goal line stand...
Its first and goal at the 10.  Sproles takes the quick handoff and rumbles 3 yards, but the defense collapses on him quickly.
Now its second and goal at the 7, and the give is again to Sproles.  He goes just off tackle, and gets dropped after a gain of 1.
3rd and goal at the 6. Rivers drops back quickly, and throws to Chambers near the goal line.  He drives forward, but Reynaldo Hill is there, and Channing Crowder comes over to make the stop.
The third quarter ends...
Its 4th and goal from the 1.  A TD here would certainly tip the balance and shift momentum.  On the other hand, a field goal would make the game close, and might still shift momentum.   Norv Turner decides that fortune favors the bold!  And of course he's right in principle...
Tomlinson checks into the game.   The play starts, and Miami gets a good surge.  The play is to the left, and Vonnie Holliday is occupying that space and the guard, and gets a hand on Tomlinson.  Channing Crowder is coming from right behind him and hits Tomlinson high.  Tomlinson does inch forward, but its not enough, and Bell, Soliai, and others come over to make an emphatic stop at the goal line.
[the picture is from the Sun-Sentinel]
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