Monday, October 13, 2008

A couple of controversial plays

Joey Porter sure thought he forced a fumble on the play (and probably will get fined by the NFL for saying so).   Let me set it up for you.  Its a first down play late in the game, and Porter comes over the end and manages to overpower his man and get to Schaub.  He grabs the QB's arm, knocks the ball free and falls on it.
Ed Hochuli - he of the play in Denver when San Diego clearly won that game on a fumble recovery only to have it overturned by a whistle - stood by and did *NOT* blow the whistle.  In fact he let the play develop and then called it incomplete afterward.
But, he also didn't review it.  He just took the play as he called it.  And it being inside of two minutes, Sparano couldn't challenge it.
If you look closely at these non-HD screen captures (sorry about the quality), you can see Porter has a hold on Schaub's arm before the arm moves forward (first pic), and I contend that in the ball is out before Schaub starts throwing (second pic)!
Dude.  Ed.  You missed it, and cost Miami this game, just as you did cost San Diego a few weeks ago.  Please see my post about him in the wanker section.
But, I digress.  It doesn't quite end there.  When Schaub does release the ball, it hits an offensive lineman in the back of the head and bounces away.  So, lets take at face value that it is incomplete.  The result of hitting the lineman should be 10 yard penalty and loss of down.  BUT THAT WASN'T CALLED EITHER!
So, he blew what he thought should have been the correct call!
And that leads me around to the non-interception by Goodman.  He got his hands under the ball and it was called an interception on the field.  The rule is "indisputable visual evidence" must be found to overturn a call.  Would you say that it was indisputable?  Would you say it was any more or less disputable that the non-fumble that wasn't reviewed? 

See my point.  He blew a couple of calls in a row...
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