Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A beuatiful screen pass

Dan Henning drew up a great screen that worked very effectively.  The key to the screen is to "sell" it...to make the defense believe that its a run or a long pass, when you dump it off to the running back.

Take a look at the setup for this play.  Pennington takes the ball, and does a spin, so his back is to the receiver (Ricky), while Ricky runs up the field as though he's going to block, or maybe to receive a pass in the flat.
Pennington makes a playfake to Ricky which holds the linebackers for a moment, then does his spin, the line releases their blocks to let the defense get close to Pennington.
He simply lobs the ball over their heads to Ricky who runs for a 43 yard gain.
The design was excellent.  The execution was perfect.  The only thing wrong was the Ricky got tripped up as he ran free toward the endzone...
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