Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The all important 4th quarter.

Miami led 17-16 as the 4th quarter started. 
Buffalo had the ball, and here's how their possessions ended:
Fumble (recovered by the Fins)
Fumble (recovered by the Fins)
And a touched punt, that was recovered by Jason Allen at :05
Meanwhile, here's what Miami did in that same quarter: 
Field Goal
Punt - from the Bills 38 (an odd place to punt, but it went out at the 2)
Field Goal (this was a couple of plays after the safety)
And the Punt that resulted in the turnover.
So, Miami took advantage of miscues and used the clock to their advantage.  To wit:
* When Miami got the safety, there was a forced fumble, and it could have been a TD instead.  Somewhat surprisngly, the safety was a better outcome.  If it had been a TD, Buffalo would have been down by two scores with a fair amount of time left, and the ball.  Instead, Miami was able to extend their lead, and use up more time in driving for a field goal to go up by two scores. 
* And on that last fumble recovery by Miami, they showed some moxy by actually electing to kneel on the ball 3 times with more than 1:30 showing on the clock.  The score was 25-17, and if they had gone 3 and out, Buffalo would have still had a good chance to score at least one.  Instead, Miami forced Buffalo to use up their timeouts, and the clock wound down to :17 seconds showing. 
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