Monday, September 22, 2008

Wild Hog blocking

On this play - the one that Ronnie ran for the 62 yard score - we see the scheme calls for the two guys on the right end of the line to block their guy up, while the tight end (Martin) is to take out the outside linebacker.  The guard (Ndukwe) blocks down, creating a small space.  Smiley comes over from the left side and goes into the space as the lead blocker.
Ricky goes in motion right in front of Ronnie.  Ronnie fakes a handoff, and then dashes into the line behind Smiley.  Its all about timing, but it worked out really well.
The variations are that Ronnie could go wide to the right, or reverse field and go left.  Or Ricky can take the ball and sweep wide, or cut into that same hole.  Or either could pass, or effectively run a reverse to another player coming across.

What counts here is that the blocking scheme will change a little to accomodate the motion, but the positioning won't change.  Its all designed to confuse the defense.  And boy did they ever!!!
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