Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why sports sucks these days

I decided to take in a Marlins game last night. It was $10 to park, and I wound up getting tickets in the upper deck behind home plate for $25 a pop. Add in a few miscellaneous concessions and I spent $100.

The opposing team is the Phillies, and there are a lot of their fans in attendance (big surprise, right?).

Many are noisy and rather obnoxious. ONe group of guys are sitting behind us, and they're not being particularly rude but its f-this and f-that, just loud enough to make one of them say 'hey you're being to loud, there are kids around.'

And then a family shows up with tickets to the seats they're occupying. Its not quite enough for someone to come up obviously looking for *their* seats, they have to wait to be asked to move. Then they complain about it 'we don't like Marlins fans. You guys come late to games.'

To me it sums up what sports fans have become. I pay a bunch of money, and there's silliness like that? C'mon.

The game wasn't bad, and for value, it might have been better than football. Though I'll admit I'm not much of a baseball fan...
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