Sunday, September 14, 2008


That game sucked!  Was that the 2007 Fins or the 2008 Fins!  Punting in the opponents territory.   Going for the FG when you're way behind.  Being all conservative.  What is this crap?!
Since Game 13 in 2006 - you know when Nick to Alabama rumors started - Miami has only managed 1 win, and in that span, they also haven't scored a TD on their opening drive of the game.
I'm freakin' annoyed with this team.  I'm not drinking any more Kool-Aid.  I did that with Nick and with Cam.  This team SUCKS, and the head coach is just as bad as the last two.
I've already made a decision that I will NOT watch the game this weekend if the same 22 guys are slated as the starters; and in particular if Chad Henne is not listed as the starter, you can forget about me watching the game.
This is just nonsense.  I'm not wasting more time to watch them go 0 for the early part of the season and not even put up a fight.  Meanwhile the stinkin' Pats lose their prime time player and they still manage to pull out wins.
I'm about THIS CLOSE to picking a new team to root for.

Think I'm kidding?
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I live in AZ and went to the game. We got booed as we left with our tail between our legs.
I have been a Dolphin fan for a lot of years but I have to say I may have to hang up the Phins. I have hung in there thru good and bad but this has just gotten UGLY!


I hear that! Being embarassed year in and year out is tough to take.