Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Ricky got a contract extension of 1 year, which many believe is a sure sign of confidence in him. I tend to agree, but I think it also removes any distraction that might have otherwise happened this season.

I read an article about him recently, that he wants to finish his degree, and is taking courses at a local university to do so. But, here's the oddity: he still has 74 credits to complete to get his undergrad degree. The low-end number of credits to get a college degree is about 120 credits.

He left Texas a senior, which would mean that in 4 years, he accumulated 46 credits. That's only 12 a year. My understanding of the NCAA rules is that you have to have 12 credits per semester to maintain eligibility. He had only half that.

And how does someone "go to college" for 4 years and only amass 46 credit hours, anyway? I know people who did that many in a single year (they were masochists, but they did it).
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