Monday, September 15, 2008

The play

It was Arizona's 2nd play from scrimmage and reportedly Anquan Boldin (who could have been Miami's pick instead of Eddie Moore, thank you very much) said he believed that they could catch Miami in some unusual coverages.
He was right.  [Dave deleted the video before he took a screen shot, so hopefully this pic gets posted]
Arizona lined up 5 receivers, 3 to the left and two to the right.  Boldin - the red receiver - ran a fly pattern (straight up the field).  The problem was Miami went nickel and was playing a zone defense with it, so a LB was lined up on Boldin and the Safety (Crocker, if memory serves) was supposed to help deep.  But, he saw the receivers on the bottom run short patterns and came up to help, ignoring the three at the top until he realized what was going on, and came back. 
But by then it was too late.
This was a combination of poor scheme, poor play calling, poor performance, and general lack of talent. 
It was ugly and only underscores just how bad this team is.
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