Monday, September 22, 2008

Hog Wild

There were so many sub-plots in this game.  Miami's 11 game road losing streak.  The Pats 22 game win streak (in the regular season, of course!).  Miami's general ineptitude.  The Patriots general success.  Tom Brady being down.  Joey Porter's war of the words.  Bill Bellicheat going up against his former master (though Parcells had less to do with this game, you have to figure he gave some sage advice to Sparano)...
And the Fins literally exploded for 38 points.  But, just how did they do that?  Turns out that they were running a play called "Wild Hog" which is the play that foremer Arkansas OC David Lee drew up for Darren McFadden last year.  And Lee is currently the QB coach for the Dolphins, so he got Dan Henning and Sparano to agree to put it in the playbook.
It has a fair number of variations, but basically, the RB lines up in the backfield, and another back lines up at wideout and crosses in front of him.  The line has to block well, but the misdirection can cause defenses to be out of position.  You can sweep, handoff, run inside, or even pass out of the formation.

And it can be run in either direction from the line play.
And the greatest part was that Bill Bellicheat couldn't come up with a way to stop it.
in the next few posts, I'll break the play down for you.
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