Monday, September 15, 2008


Okay, so here are my thoughts on Henne -
Year in and year out we've had a coach come here and bring in his aging QB in whom he has unwavering faith.  Why that is is well beyond me.  Enter Sparano who has the brash and bravado.  He brings in McCown to fight for the job but has a young guy in Beck to groom.  Then, Henne falls in their lap, and for the first time in, well, forever, we have a QB - maybe two - who might be the future of the franchise.
Then, Pennington becomes available.  I never liked the guy, and still don't.  But he performs well enough in the preseason to warrant the starting job.  I'm fine with that.  But, he has two very mediocre performances, and in the blowout that was yesterday's game, he was pulled in favor of Henne.  And Henne looked good.
After the game, he was asked if Henne would start next week and his one word answer was predictable: "no."  What he didn't need to say was "I'm going to stick with the veteran in whom my faith hasn't wavered, because that's what coaches do."
Its nonesense, and we've seen it for too many years around here.  Clearly this team is not good enough to win 4 games this year, so why don't you play Henne and see what he can do, and let him grow with the team?  Or for hat matter, give Beck a try.  This is like an extended preseason anyway.  Outcomes don't matter. 
Like it or not, we're playing for the future.
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