Monday, September 08, 2008


I was looking forward to the game. The Phins were coming off a decent preseason, and though I don't like to pin my hopes on the football-like-substance season, it seemed like they were showing signs of life. And it was dang hot which we thought might work to the Phins advantage.

We had a nice FinsRadio tailgate that included a few former Dolphins, Derek Hagan's dad, and Ricky Williams' mom, along with a bunch of the hosts. That was fun.

I was there with Bitchin' senior. We had tickets that I had purchased earlier in the week for less than face value. As we were heading out of the tailgate and into the stadium, we were remarking about how hot it was, and about how it can suck to sit in the stands in September in that heat; it can wilt you pretty quick...and as "the fates" would have it, some guy was trying to scalp a pair of tickets as we walked along, but wasn't having much luck getting a pair in a section he liked. I overheard him say something about paying top dollar, and senior looked at each other and made the decision to offer our tickets. We doubled our money, he got to see the game. Its the first time I've ever done this, and it felt weird to tailgate and not go to the game, especially a Jets game!

So, we headed home. We listened to the better part of the first quarter on the radio, and got home and rewound Tivo to watch it all. Skipping through the commercials, we caught up pretty quick.

...and then the disappointment. The team played, I'd say, like a bunch of rookies and castoffs, made a bunch of mistakes, looked medicore, and if it weren't for the fact that everything was new about this team, I'd say this was a continuation from last season.

They showed Parcells in the press box and he looked, I dunno, annoyed? with everything he was seeing.

Count this as one of the 2-3 that Brett Favre will account for this year. He was the difference in this game. Otherwise, the Phins might have won it.

Miami had a very late opportunity. Pennington was driving them down the field with 2 minutes left, no timeouts. It was looking pretty good. The phins were raising hopes up, and the jaded person in me who has lived through the last 3 head coaches kept thinking "what are they going to do wrong to end this badly?"

Pennington steps back on thrid down from the 18 and heaves it into the endzone. Its a bad pass, to the near corner *in front of* the db, and its picked off. And to add insult to it, Ted Ginn, jr grabs the corner and gets called for offensive interference. It was a spectacular way to fail!

I guess the bright side for me is that I had a nice tailgate, made a little money, AND I didn't have to sit through this.

I'm feeling a little frustrated and a lot disappointed. I have more to say, but I have to read some more about the game and decide whether I think it was simply that they are young, or if was a sign of another dismal season.
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