Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Consider this

An off-season ago, Nick ran away with his tail between his legs.  And we hired a new coach; it was your basic disaster. 
Last season, Atlanta's coach (Bobby Petrino) one-upped Nick by quitting during the season and lying about it. 
The Falcons tried to get Parcells but Miami "stole" him away.  So, they hired Rich McKay to fill the same role.  Rich was the architect who tuned the Bucs around.  He hired Mike Smith as coach, and they drafted Matt Ryan...
The early returns are showing that the Falcons are competitive, and Ryan is playing decent.  At least there's fight in all of them anyway.  And they already have a win!
So, considering they were two teams on similar tracks, who is in better shape?  Right now, I'd give the edge to Atlanta, though we'll check back during the season to see...
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