Thursday, September 04, 2008

box for soap

I know I said I wouldn't make another comment about politics except to remind you to vote. But, its my blog, and I make the rules. I am making an exception.

What I am commenting on today is ignorance. To the issues, to the candidates, and to what they are actually saying. The media and the spin doctors make this the easy choice because they use "sound bites" to help certain themes resonante.

And I am asking everyone who reads this to rise up and ensure you are not ignorant of what is going on around you. When this one says that we need to have this program or that one, ask how he will pay for it. Dig around, find out. And when that one says we need energy independence, ask how they plan to accomplish that.

And something that chafes me in particular is this desire to drill offshore. There are a few simple things to remember: (1) it would take *years* to find and tap the reserves, (2) the government would put the rights to drill to bid. Who wins that bid might not be an American owned company, or a company with "our" interests in mind, (3) when the oil becomes available, it is not automatically there for the consumer. It will be owned by an oil company, and they will treat it the same way as oil bought from elsewhere - they will use OPEC pricing and it will be available through the same channels, and finally (4) oil doesn't follow the supply and demand logic; there is no SHORTAGE of oil today. Our own government is as responsible for the price increase as much as any other factor. Having more oil doesn't solve anything, really.

Keep that in mind as you listen to people talk, and remember to ask yourself if what you're hearing passes the litmus test (does it make sense?) on this and every topic.

Thank you.

/end soap box/

[editors note: we tried to dissuade him, but he is "bitchin" Dave after all]
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