Monday, September 22, 2008

After the play

There was a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct on both teams after the 62 yard TD run.  But what happened?  Ricky ran up the field and set his sights on Vrabel.  He catches up to the slower Vrabel and engages him at about Ricky's shoulder to Vrabel's chest. 
Since they are both running, and Ricky is coming from behind, Ricky slides down to the ground and winds up taking out Vrabel's knees and upending him.  Intentional?  Not a chance.  It was a clean hit.
But Vrabel didn't think so and came up mad as hell.  I couldn't tell what drew a flag from Ricky, but I have to assume that it was a verbal exchange...
In any event, Vrabel was a bit of crybaby.  He had no reason to get upset...except that the doormat of the league last year was kicking his team's ass!
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