Friday, August 08, 2008

so much for that theory

Chad Pennington said on Wedesday - when asked about the still-potential trade of Brett Favre to the Jets - that he looked forward to the competition, and then was cut as soon as Brett came to town.

Now, Miami has signed Pennington with the intent that he *will be* Miami's starting quarterback. I don't know whether it means they really don't like Beck or McCown, but I certainly think that would be the case.

So, now the QB competition becomes which of these three won't make the team: Pennington, Beck, or McCown. Because, certainly Henne will make the team, and he will not go to the practice squad. So there are really only two other roster spots open.

I believe that unless Pennington's shoulder is not fully healed, it won't be him. So will it be Beck or McCown? They invested a lot in Beck because the QB coach was with him all off-season. McCown not so much, but he does come with less of a "history" in the sense of what we saw last season from Beck.

And for the record, I'm annoyed at the Dolphins getting another washed-up-has-been QB to play here for a year. Its been that way every year since 99, and I'm tired of it. At least this time, though, Henne is waiting for his big chance.
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