Saturday, August 23, 2008


In tonight's game, Justin Peele made a break on the ball, brought the ball down at the back of the endzone, and got both feet down. Touchdown?.....right?

In this case, wrong.

I noticed as Peele came down the official watched him fall all the way to the ground. And then he ruled incomplete. Naturally, Miami challenged the play, but it was upheld as being incomplete, and the fans went rather nutso, because it sure looked like a TD.

So, what gives? There's a new rule that was put in place this year (or more to the point, it actually clarifies an existing rule): when a player comes down with a ball at the sideline or endzone, they have to maintain possession as they hit the ground. Peele did not do that, and on the replay that was very clear.

So, no catch, and the officials got it right both times. I was moderately surprised that Sparano challenged it, but you never know what you might see, I suppose.
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