Sunday, August 31, 2008

No respect

I saw a print ad for JCPenney which boasted that you could buy your NFL gear from them. Great.

The ad showed a bunch of jerseys with the backs shown, so you could see the names on them. First observation: it gives a price, but under it, it says "Cowboys jerseys' prices slightly higher." Huh? Isn't this the NFL, where parity - even in marketing - is paramount?

And then I'm looking and I realize that there are 30 jerseys shown, but there are of course 32 teams. Who's missing? Well, Buffalo and Cleveland...but wait, there's no Miami either. How can that be?

Of course the answer is that there are two Patriots jerseys shown - Moss and Maroney. But, surprisingly, no Brady.

Figures. Miami gets dissed in the ad, while the Patriots are prominent.

And any guesses whose jersey is shown for the Jets? Pennington.
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