Sunday, August 24, 2008

More on the game

Okay, now that I've had time to let the euphoria pass, I'd like to provide a commentary on the game.

  • First, the Chiefs are a mediocre to bad team. Yes Larry Johnson is there, and they did shut him down, but the team has limited talent beyond him.
  • Still, the Dolphins offense looked outstanding against the first teamers. Miami ran a nearly 9 minute drive to start the game, and though they couldn't punch it in, they did come up with a three pointer and set the game in motion.
  • When Ted Ginn received the punt and reversed his field I cried outloud "nooooo...the NFL is faster, you can't outrun every...." but by then he had gotten around the end and turned the corner. So, I'm wrong and he's fast enough.
  • There was a goal line stand that shows that Miami's defense has some moxy. They stopped the Chiefs on 5 plays inside the 5 yard line. Very, very impressive at any level.
  • Channing Crowder had a great day, hilighted by a blitz that caused a sack and a forced fumble that Roth recovered.
  • There were three other turnovers - all interceptions - and a few other opportunities. I think that's more turnovers than they had last year.
  • If it weren't for the guaranteed money (and even so), I would say Willford would not make the team this year. He's playing that poorly.
  • John Beck came up in mop up duty and fumbled the ball. I think that may be the last time we see him take the field in a Dolphins uniform (unless they want to try and showcase him next week)
  • Jalen Parmalee showed some good speed as he rumbled for 75 or so yards, and I thought locked up a roster spot. Until he fumbled very late in the game, trying to press for extra yardage.
  • Jake Long looked solid in the run game, but struggled against the pass.
  • Donald Thomas was outstanding
  • I'm not sure who will make the team - if either - between Soliai and Wright
  • Mauia looked good blocking when he was in, and he helped Parmalee score his TD. But is it enough to stick around? Grigsby was always doing good things, including special teams.
  • Though its subtle, I saw all the injured players on the sidelines wearing their jerseys. They were included as a part of the effort, which I appreciate.

    I'm starting to get the feeling that this team will be pretty good (meaning 7 wins?) this season.
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    John Beck fumble? That snap was in the dirt. You didn't mention Chad Henne. He was phenomenal throwing for 14 yards and an interception.


    True that the fumble was not really his fault, but my point about Beck was that it happened to him. Again.

    As for Henne, I meant to say he looked once again like a mere mortal, and thoughts anyone had about him starting on opening day were dashed.