Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've been remiss

Over the last week or so, I was travelling. I missed the first pre-season game, all the "local" news I normally would have read, and really wasn't able to keep up with the I had limited internet access.

But, since yesterday, I've been catching up. And here's what I know:
  • The phins first pre-season affair was a mediocre show that demonstrated this is a 1-15 team that has overhauled its roster.
  • Jay Feeley was cut, and made some snide comment that the team is devoid of talent. Vonnie Holliday threw it right back and suggested the talent *improved* after Feeley was cut.
  • Chad Pennington is the starter, and it looks like Chad Henne is being groomed as the true backup.
  • Where that leaves Beck and McCown is anyone's guess, but there are rumors that Beck is being shopped (for a 7th round pick?)
  • I think the O-line is pretty much set, left to right, its Long, Smiley, Satele, Donald Thomas, and Carey. That's the same o-line its been since about the 4th day of training camp
  • Ernest Willford was demoted to the 4th receiver, behind Ginn, Hagan, and Bess.
  • Ronnie Brown appears to be healthy and ready to start the season
  • Yermiah Bell also appears to be recovered

    And that's what I gleaned from everything I've seen. Use the email link if you think I've missed anything!
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