Friday, August 29, 2008

Henne's interception

Chad Henne threw one pick last night, but right afterward Nat Moore made a point of saying it wsas't all Henne's fault. And here's why (with respect to the Dolphins, the NFL, and CBS4). The receiver (Armstrong) ran a curl route to the sideline (the pinkish dotted line), but he allowed the defensive back to get between him and the QB.

This was a case where he should have fought for position with the db, to stay in front of him. If he had challenged and run the route to the x the interception would not have happened.

This was a timing (precision) route to a spot, but the Wideout has to be aware of the defensive back and make adjustments to maintain his position on the field.

There are other types of routes that ask the db to get behind a defender, such as a deep sideline pass or post pattern. But, this is not one of them.

So, oops to Armstrong. But Henne can't be held blameless,either, because he should learn to recognize that Armstrong erred and throe it to another receiver or simply away.
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