Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dolphins defeat the Jags

I did get to watch preseason game numero dos, against the Jags. The Dolphins offense looked pretty good and mounted some very patient drives to score some points. Pennington - not one of my favorite players who I am likely never to root for - was pretty accurate and threw some deep balls that made some nice gains. And Henne continues to develop nicely. No doubt in my mind anymore - he's the QB of the future for this franchise.

I liked the way the o-line played overall. Long had his ups and downs, but for a rookie playing against a veteran end, he did okay. I'm still a little unimpressed with our receivers, and I would guess Boomer Grigsby beat out Reagan Mauia as the FB.

Over on defense, an injury to Vonnie Holliday and the return of Joey Porter caused some shuffling. Roth moved to LB, and did a good job, while Merling started at DE, which provided some good results. I think there's a combo in there that might work. Jason Allen still needs to improve, but he's much better than he was at other points in his career.

The 3-4 with these particular linebackers seem to be a good fit, and should provide the ability to slow down other teams.

I'm tellin' ya, they're just good enough to surprise a few teams.
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