Friday, August 29, 2008

Dolphins 14, Saints 10

And now returning to football, the Dolphins had a preseason football game last night. They played the Saints in a contest in which Henne looked like a rookie and made a lot of mistakes, and the Dolphins offensive starters were bested by the Saints defensive starters.

The Saints offense was stuck in neutral, so it only got as bad as 10-0 before Miami finally found a new life against the second teamers.

Ernest Willford finally came through with some clutch plays. Bess remained consistent. And the defence looked solid all the way around (was the Saints problem because they were playing so poorly or because Miami's defense was playing so well? Hard to say)

All the backs ran with some authority, though I would say that Brown was the best among them and he scored a TD.

Beck came in for what amounts to mop-up duty, and did nothing to solidify his position. But then again, McCown has not played at all since the first week of pre-season. Whice one stays is anyone's guess.

The game started at 8ET, and amusingly the Miami Herald only had a 6 paragraph article about the game; no other information, articles or stats though the game ended around 11pm - plenty of time to make the press run.

But, the Marlins and Hurricanes were both isn play last night, so I guess its somewhat forgivable.
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