Sunday, July 27, 2008

An intriguing comparison

The Dolphins were founded back in 66. They went through 4 years with a head coach who wasn't able to effectively motivate the team. They had a couple of good players on their roster who weren't considered standouts until later in their careers.

They were colorful to be sure, and had some great moments, but their records were mostly bad, and it looked like they could be a team that would never amount to much.

Then along came a new head coach. He saw the talent in some players, picked up some from his old team (and others he was familiar with), built a solid team through the draft, and gave them a new attitude.

A winning attitude. 2 years later, he had them believing and in the Superbowl. A year after that they went undefeated.

The current incarnation of the Dolphins had a rocky 4 year stretch. A coach quit on the team in mid-season, then another quit on the team after his sesond season. And in year 4 you had a coach who wasn't respected at all.

They had some good players and some bad. They had a few great moments, but mostly bad records. They never called it rebuilding, and instead wallowed in medicority.

Then along came a new "organization" (because back in 1970 you could just replace the coach and have success, these days you have to have a GM and a football operation to have success) which includes a vice president, a GM, and a coach.

They brought in players they were familiar with, and are starting a build through the draft. And apparently have a winning attitude.

All players on the roster were put on notice that *anyone* is expendable, and then to back it up, the braintrust let go and traded a couple of supposed leaders.

How good will this team be? Who knows. But the parallel is certainly striking.
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