Saturday, May 03, 2008

More signings

A couple of days after the initial spate of signings, the Phins signed about another 7 guys you would have only have heard of if you were a college football junkie. And, they followed that up by inviting 10 other players to "try out" this weekend.

Meaning that if they're good enough, they'll get one of those rookie FA contracts, and otherwise get a small stipend, and a bus ticket home.

One of those guys was a DII QB who played more WR than QB, and who Miami figures to be a "slash" type of wideout.

Anyway, they started a minicamp with the 9 draft picks, the 14 signings, and the 10 tryout players this weekend. Henne was tossing the ball around and the aforementioned QB said "he looked good, and he throws the ball better than I do!" which I found amusing.

The camp (naturally) is closed to the public. Figures. And there's no word about future camps.
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