Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rounding out the draft

The Phins finished up with 4 more draft picks to bring in the 9 selections. Oddly, there was nary a CB or WR among them. Maybe they know something we don't? Like a big time wideout might get released or traded for basically nothing? Or maybe they have their eyes on a decent corner?

So, they wound up with 2 more RBs: Jalen Parmale out of Toledo (no relation to Bernie, we're told), and Lex Hilliard out of Montana. Gotta love the name Lex, don't you?

They also picked up some depth on the o-line and d-line. They got Donald Thomas out of Connecticut for the offense (U Conn has a respectable football team? Who knew?) and Lionel Dotson out of Arizona. He appears to be a beast.

So, all in all, its wasn't a bad couple of days. At least they shored up both sides of the line of scrimmage, and added some depth to the team.

Odd isn't it? Last year it was the small school Pacific island connection. This year its just small schools for the most part. Except for that Michigan connection in Long and Henne.
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