Sunday, April 27, 2008

draft party

I stopped by the Dolphins draft party at the stadium yesterday. It was held entirely inside the club level of the stadium. The plus was that we could use the Kohler faucets, and they had all the screens turned to the draft, so there was no upselling of beers, as there is on gameday.

WQAM was there. Cheerleaders were there. Alumni were there....but I didn't see too many current players, and while there were a few games to play, the "fun" aspect for kids was absent.

It was nice to be able to sit and relax and enjoy the draft, I'll grant you that. Or you could talk to someone about buying season tickets (though I didn't see too many people doing that)....but that was about it.

Last year, it was at the Dolphins facility, and I thought it was a little more "interesting" or colorful or something.

I would say there was a constant stream of people coming and going, and there were maybe a couple of thousand there at any given time.
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